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We bring focus to bare and create well-crafted brand based on the truths that define companies and products and unite them with their consumers.

Print to web, the design flows to make the user experience seamless.

Organic rankings to sponsored ads, social media promotion and post boosts. Fine tuned audiences to make your advertising dollars go further.


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We realize that most people are viewing web content on the fly.  Web pages need to look good no mater what the screen size.

Responsive design

Responsine Website design

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Several server platforms are used to best match the clients needs. With the access to editing through wordpress, also come vulnerabilities for hacking, so we take the necessary steps to make your content secure.

We design with Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse and Wordpress. We match the proper tools to the job to best complete the project on time, on budget and with results.

The tech does not stop with servers. We use programs for determine ranking, keyword viability and tracking visitor behavior. We can also manage email marketing, lists and mailings.

Servers, hosting, ecommerce

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  • Website Design

    Custom Website Design

    Thinking out of the box? Literally? Yeah, sometimes a templet just doesn’t cut it. A business so unique that you don’t want it to look like every other website on the net. There are many advantages to a custom designed site can offer.


    First off, building a site from the ground up, enables the ability to build in SEO content each step of the way, giving it special focus, page by page. If your business or product is a visual one, the website should reflect that aspect with a variety of ways to display its attributes. Mobility can be addressed making the site responsive to tablet and phone screens making Google happy, and we all know how important that is.


    If editing is a concern, content management can be built in so the client has access to make changes to the site via a web admin portal.


    Building a custom website offers countless opportunities to and paths to reach a goal. From unique menus, photo galleries, Java and j query scripting, to Anti-Spam forms.

    Branding & Logos

    This is how people will remember you. Important does not even start to describe how precious those first fleeting moments can be when you have the chance to make a first impression.


    Simple is often the hardest way to design. But simple design is the easiest to remember. Let us design that first impression so that your business is reflected in that sight. We’ll consider the personality of you and the business in choosing typefaces, and images that can work together to make that a lasting memory.


    Print Design & Collateral Materials

    Not as strong as a marketing part of the puzzle as they used to be, print still has key areas that it out sells all others.

    Brochures, catalogs, ads, flyers, post cards and more. This was the bulk of design year ago, but today with advertising dollars stretched thin, the design of these pieces is critical.

  • About Us

    In one form or another, iMountain has existed since 1982. That was a few years before the digital age reached graphic design, so the company was founded in the old school of design.  When Apple released the first macs, all that changed and technology found a testing bed at Meissner Design. Not just satisfied with setting type or simple designs, the studio pushed the envelope and starting working in color, photo separations, and eventually digital film production for the printing industry.


    The next evolution came in the world wide web. In seeing the potential of the new medium, Michael branched out into the new world of the internet, and starting building websites and focused on design, hosting and online marketing.

    Michael Meissner

    Michael Meissner lives and works from his home studio at Double Gap Farm in Appling, GA. A 1982 Graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, with top honors, Michael returned to Hilton Head Island where his family was located. Starting out a s freelancer and over 16 years building Meissner Design to 12 employees and servicing clients in 5 states.


    On a personal note, Michael works in a multitude of mediums including oils, watercolors and pencils to name a few. Photography, creative writing, wood working. Creating with the hands is at the core of this artist. No matter the medium, the art is created with a passion and is presented to evoke the same emotions in the viewer.

  • Fine Art & Photography

    Born and raised in the northeast, close to the coast, Michael developed a love of the water. Summers on Cape Cod made a lasting impression on him and he is still drawn back to scenic New England coast when painting.


    Michael owned and operated a graphic design studio on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for 16 years. While there he sold numerous watercolors as originals and limited edition prints in the local galleries.


    He moved with his family to Maggie Valley, North Carolina which is in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. Michael continued his work mostly in oils of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


    After 15 years in the mountains Michael and family moved to the birthplace of his wife, Tammy. Appling, Georgia, is a small rural community in eastern Georgia. There he continues his fine art works while still engaging in graphic design and farming.

    With a good camera in every phone these days, there does not seem to be a lack of photographs. What has not changed is the art of photography. More than a skill, though skill helps tremendously, taking a good picture is a talent that includes, knowing the composition of the image, understanding lighting, camera settings and applying that to subject in a way that makes it all come together.


    Great photographer once told me that the difference between a pro and an amateur is that the pro got 20 good pictures out of roll (that dates things a bit) and an amateur gets two. Keep snapping and you’ll stumble upon a good shot every now and then.


    When we shoot pictures we see through the lens a little differently. This took quite some years to understand and even notice the difference. But it really shows in the final product. Images are what people remember the most so why not invest in getting the best images that you can have. © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Responsine Website design
Responsine Website design
Servers, hosting, ecommerce
Responsine Website design
Servers, hosting, ecommerce
Responsine Website design
Servers, hosting, ecommerce